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The vines Along the gentle hills of the Sakar Mountain, not far from Harmanli, at an altitude of 130 meters, on cinnamon and gray forest soils, we cultivate our Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Chardonnay, Mavrud, and Rubin grapes. The Rubin grape variety, in our conditions, still exhibits uneven seed ripening despite the significantly high sugar content. This characteristic might be more pronounced due to the vineyards’ young age. When we achieve ripe phenols in the seeds, this results in considerably high sugar levels. Therefore, Rubin, for us, involves seeking a balance between mature phenols and sugars in the grapes, consequently reflecting in the alcohol content of the wine. In 2021, we implemented specific operations with the green shoots to ensure maximum shading for the grape clusters. Partial raisining occurred, specific to Rubin, suddenly appearing during the ripening period. Initially affecting individual berries, it gradually spreads to a greater extent. While a certain percentage of dried berries doesn’t disrupt the winemaking process, we aim for fresher fruity aromas and hence strive to minimize this percentage. The grapes were harvested on September 5, 2021. We selected the fresher grapes from the vineyard for ROSALEA Rosé and the riper ones for Writer’s Wine Rubin, marking the first red grapes for the harvest and our own production base. The processing involved destemming, more intensive crushing of the grape berries to ensure all are crushed (including the dehydrated ones within the cluster), a brief maceration of 48 hours, followed by alcoholic fermentation at a maximum temperature of 27°C during the process, and malolactic fermentation. The result was a wine with pronounced fruity aromas of forest berries and an evident hint of sloe—juicy and inviting. Maturation lasted for 10 months: one part of 500 liters in stainless steel containers, and another of 450 liters in two Bulgarian barrels, second and third use. An additional month of maturation in stainless steel containers after blending. Bottled in early September 2022. Rubin is a variety that imparts distinctive characteristics to the wines made from it. The delicate use of oak in Writer’s Wine Rubin 2021, applied only to a portion of the batch, aims to preserve the grape and terroir’s characteristic features.


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